Gelukkige Omstandigheid

Gelukkige Omstandigheid (Fortunate Circumstance), book of poems by poet Jan Hardeveld.

STARr-traing workbooks

Four workbooks about cognitive behavioral therapy for youth suffering from depression. STARr stands for Solve, Think, Act, Relax & repeat. Made for the Trimbos Institute.


Cover and title page of the dissertation by Jolanda van der Meer, 'Behavioral and Cognitive Profiling in Autism Spectrum Disorder and Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder'.

Met schrijven zin verzamelen

'Met schrijven zin verzamelen, over poëzie in de Lage Landen' -Hans Groenewegen. Book about Dutch poetry, published by the Wereldbibliotheek.

book about head lice

'Hoofdluis en andere stekers, bijters en zuigers' - Geert-Jan Roebers. Published by Winkler Prins.

dissertation Pascale Emons

Stenciling of this dissertation was made possible with the support of Extrapool / KNUST. Joyce and Jan Dirk: many thanks!