Oersoep Craft Beer Festival - Facebook header

We created the visual identity of the Oersoep Craft Beer Festival.

Oersoep Freewheel - witbier

We designed a template for the beerlabels of Nijmegen based brewery Oersoep. For each beer a (local) artist/designer is asked to create an image. We also did some. 

De Broederij

Visual identity De Broederij


Visual identity for MIND-Set, a large-scale study of the Department of Psychiatry at the RadboudUMC where risk factors for psychopathology are examined through several common disorders.

Flyer Open Day De Muziekmakerij

Visal identity 'De MuziekMakerij', school for music Arnhem & surroundings. Logo, font design, illustrations, housestyle and website.

Logo design fo Anouk Platenkamp, harper, specialised in the Celtic harp.

Donders Institute

Logo and visual identity Donders Institute (part of the Radboud University / Radboud UMC)

Design concept 'Radboud Social Minds'

Design and name concept. Not implemented.

Architects of Public Space

Logo design for PublicPasses - architects of public space. Business cards en website.