De Toren van Bemmel logo

For bookshop 'De Toren van Bemmel' Hartebeest designed an illustrative visual identity. Them is 'bookshop with a view', which refers to the village Bemmel situated behind a river dike as well as to the inpirational character of a bookshop in general.

logo Vahal - professionele coaching

Hartebeest designed a small housestyle with website for 'Vahal - professionele coaching'. The Romans called the river Waal 'Vahal' or 'Vahalis'.

Oersoep Freewheel - witbier

We designed a template for the beerlabels of Nijmegen based brewery Oersoep. For each beer a (local) artist/designer is asked to create an image. We also did some. 

Behavioral Science Institute logo

For the Behavioural Science Institute of the Radboud University, Hartebeest developed a series of illustrations. Together with the lens-symbol and a color scheme it gave the institute it's own visual identity within rhe corporate identity of the university.

Oersoep Craft Beer Festival - Facebook header

We created the visual identity of the Oersoep Craft Beer Festival.

Out & About DVD box

DVD and USB packaging for the documentary Out & About, a film by Koen Suidgeest for Humnan Right in the picture. It deals with parents of LGBT children in countries with strong anti-gay laws or stigmas.

Trimbos 'STARr' four covers

Four workbooks about cognitive behavioral therapy for youth suffering from depression. STARr stands for Solve, Think, Act, Relax & repeat. Made for the Trimbos Institute.

Donders Institute - brain illustrations

Logo and visual identity Donders Institute (part of the Radboud University / Radboud UMC)

pattern 'De Natuurontdekker'

Logo design for project Nature Discoverer