Cover design

Book design for 'Onderweg' containing photoworks by artist Harrie Gerritz and poetry by Wim Huyskens.

Portret van mijn ouders - Anton Houtappels

'Portret van mijn ouders' shows a cross-section of the work of photographer and filmmaker Anton Houtappels.

Jan Hardeveld - 'Gelukkige Omstandigheid' cover

Gelukkige Omstandigheid (Fortunate Circumstance), book of poems by poet Jan Hardeveld.

Trimbos 'STARr' four covers

Four workbooks about cognitive behavioral therapy for youth suffering from depression. STARr stands for Solve, Think, Act, Relax & repeat. Made for the Trimbos Institute.

Travels with fiction in the field of biography - detail

Travels with fiction in the field of biography - detail


Cover and title page of the dissertation by Jolanda van der Meer, 'Behavioral and Cognitive Profiling in Autism Spectrum Disorder and Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder'.

Met schrijven zin verzamelen

'Met schrijven zin verzamelen, over poëzie in de Lage Landen' -Hans Groenewegen. Book about Dutch poetry, published by the Wereldbibliotheek.