logo Streekbakker Jorrit

Streekbakker (regional baker) Jorrit is committed to an pure and honest way of working. Hartebeest designed a powerful new visual identity for Jorrit, consisting of a logo and an expandable icon set.

logo 't Joostenhuus

We designed the logo and the website for the organic hazelnut grower 't Joostenhuus from the Achterhoek.

Oersoep Craft Beer Festival - Facebook header

We created the visual identity of the Oersoep Craft Beer Festival.

StoryCraft logo

Logo design for StoryCraft, the storytelling office of Christine Taylor.

Oersoep Sunday Sessions - Dark Mild

We designed a template for the beerlabels of Nijmegen based brewery Oersoep. For each beer a (local) artist/designer is asked to create an image. We also did some. 

SPON logo

Logo design voor Stichting Psychologische vervolgOpleidingen Nijmegen (SPON).

De Toren van Bemmel logo

For bookshop 'De Toren van Bemmel' Hartebeest designed an illustrative visual identity. Them is 'bookshop with a view', which refers to the village Bemmel situated behind a river dike as well as to the inpirational character of a bookshop in general.

logo Vahal - professionele coaching

Hartebeest designed a small housestyle with website for 'Vahal - professionele coaching'. The Romans called the river Waal 'Vahal' or 'Vahalis'.

Behavioral Science Institute logo

For the Behavioural Science Institute of the Radboud University, Hartebeest developed a series of illustrations. Together with the lens-symbol and a color scheme it gave the institute it's own visual identity within rhe corporate identity of the university.