In December 1642 the first meeting between Māori and Europeans took place: Ngāti Tūmatakōkiri and Abel Tasman. This encounter is illustrated from a 17th century point of view in the now iconic image of the 'Murderer's Bay'. Project 'View on Golden Bay' wants to rebuild this illustration with the help of views from artists, writers and researchers from both New Zealand and The Netherlands. The project will result in a book and exhibition. (read more).  In december 1642 vond de eerste ontmoeting plaats tussen Māori en Europeanen: Ngāti Tūmatakōkiri en Abel Tasman. Deze ontmoeting wordt vanuit 17e eeuw Europees perspectief weergegeven in de inmiddels iconografische illustratie van de 'Moordenaarsbaai'. Project 'Zicht op Golden Bay' wil dit beeld opnieuw opbouwen met behulp van inzichten van kunstenaars, schrijvers en onderzoekers uit zowel Nieuw-Zeeland als Nederland. Het project zal resulteren in een boek en expositie. (lees meer).

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Wonderland of the South Pacific: New Zealand  Sprookjesland van de Zuidelijke Pacific: Nieuw Zeeland

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Book by the New Zealand Tourist and Publicity Department from 1966. Note the difference between therepresentation of Māori and Pakeha. Boek van de New Zealand Tourist and Publicity Department uit 1966. Let op het verschil in representatie tussen Māori en Pakeha.

Waterfall, Paradise Valley, Rotorua) – Snowfall, Tongariro National Park”

Slow traffic, Ruatoria, East Coast, North Island – Fast traffic, Hamilton-Taupo highway near Atiamuri”

  1. Robert Jenkin schreef:

    Fast traffic – Pohaturoa is seen here, the sacred mountain at Atiamuri, near which I lost my wife and two children in a car accident in 1988.

    Near this scene stands Te Kohatu a Hatupatu, a sacred stone beside the highway, where Maori travelling often left offerings for a safe journey in pre-european times. Some still leave offerings today. I left a fern leaf the last time that I was there, for my surviving daughter and myself.

    A van of Asian tourists hit that sacred stone, which is beside the highway, killing some and shunting the car sized sacred rock to one side.

    Maybe fast traffic isn’t such a good idea

  2. Hartebeest schreef:

    Hi Robert. Thanks so much for sharing your view and story.

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